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A headshot is like a handshake, they're crucial for making a good first impression. Your photo is the first thing that potential customers and/or clients of yours are going to see when they look you up online, so it needs to convey who you are and what you're all about. If it doesn't, you can bet that they'll turn to your next available competitor. Capturing who a person is in a single photo is no easy task, but we've gotten it down to a science through our years of experience. Here at Spectacle Photo, we don't underestimate the importance that lies on you having a quality image to represent you, so we craft them with the greatest of care. If you work for a corporation we'll tailor your image to fit right in with the corporate image. If you're starting up a business we'll create you an image that will set the new standard and fit your brand. Each headshot we take is custom lit and posed to fit your needs; you'll find no cookie cutter lighting and posing setups here. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-end, clean, professionally retouched photos. You can expect nothing less.

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