Rich Johnson

Photographer / Creative


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Every image tells a story, and every artist has one to tell. Equipped with a love for the arts and a passion for cinema, Rich Johnson's influences are clearly expressed in every click of the shutter. He is a national and international award-winning artist who has distinguished himself as an innovator in design, photography, and video. Rich has spent the last 10 years perfecting his artistic skills to become an expert in the fields of print, web, video, and photography. His skill set, mixed with his creative personality, is a perfect fit for any project.

Recent Projects

Weapon of Choice

People of the Market

Little Rey



Promo and live events


Actors, models, and personal brands


Athletes, Sports, and Action

Corporate Media

Central Norway


Small, Medium, and Large!


Large & Small events

I'll pray when I'm out of bullets

Western Series

Before & After

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High school senior sessions

Behind the scenes