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8 Live Streaming Tips!

Live streaming is huge. Whether you're a photographer, model, or want to promote business of any kind, you need to get into it. It's a quick way to reach out to your fans and followers, and it gives them a realtime look into what you're doing. Live streaming has been mostly

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Photographers: How to Set Your Prices

Setting prices is a constant struggle for photographers. Since photography is a creative service, the pricing in this market differs wildly, seemingly with neither rhyme nor reason. It gets even more confusing once you start doing research on photography pricing. On one hand, you'll find some photographers willing to shoot weddings for

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Dealing with Ad Agency Management

I know a lot of people like myself who work freelance for advertising agencies, or they work at agencies as employees. Over the years I've worked with many agencies, and after witnessing their management practices, I think it's about time someone talked about them. For some

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‘The Revenant’ Review

'The Revenant' is one of the most honest pieces of filmmaking I've seen in a long time. It's so refreshing to see a movie that has no time for any modern agendas, is a technical marvel, is perfectly cast, and uses its locations to breathtaking affect.  There's so much

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