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Rey Cosplay

I feel like there's a real shortage of quality female heroes these days throughout our entertainment media. They always seem to be flawed in one way or another by the system that produces them. They're either a distressed, incapable damsel, or an obnoxious, loud-and-proud feminist who

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Dealing with Ad Agency Management

I know a lot of people like myself who work freelance for advertising agencies, or they work at agencies as employees. Over the years I've worked with many agencies, and after witnessing their management practices, I think it's about time someone talked about them. For some

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Cinematic Games!

So I recently played 'The Order: 1886'. When I first saw the trailer for this game, I was really excited.  The graphics looked amazing, and it had a cinematic quality to it that I love.  When we take photos, even if they're

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