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Singing photo

The High Note

The High Note, our serious of photos that shows vocalists at their loudest, was a really fun set to work on. Here at Spectacle we like to come up with projects ideas that we’ve never seen before. This project? This project we sort of stumbled across by

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8 Live Streaming Tips!

Live streaming is huge. Whether you're a photographer, model, or want to promote business of any kind, you need to get into it. It's a quick way to reach out to your fans and followers, and it gives them a realtime look into what you're doing. Live streaming has been mostly

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One Summer Day

Oh to be young again! It’s crazy how we spend so much of our life wanting to be bigger and older, and then the rest of our lives wanting to be young again. 

This video was captured in one day with my son. I feel it truly captures the joy and imagination us adults have misplaced. Please comment and let me know your thoughts!

Adobe Ideas: Is a serious WMC ( A Weapon of Mass Creativity)

The other day I was talking with a fellow designer and the conversation came up a few times about how much I missed drawing with paper and pencil. As the conversation continued we both agreed that the software we used on our computers made traditional drawing less efficient and therefore making the practice impractical in our line of work.

As the iPad and other tablets became more affordable the users started to see a turn towards a hybrid of tech meets traditional art. Add a nice stylus to your tablet’s accessories and now you have a digital sketch book that can play music, provide inspiration, and share your creations from anywhere!

 I tend to do most of my sketching when I travel and I am forced to be seated with my safety belt on at 24k feet in the air. I have tried just about every sketch, drawing, or note taking app out there and I find that most of them have great qualities and practical uses depending on the situation and the intended end application.

Adobe Ideas offers something that none of the other apps have offered. Every project you save is uploaded to your cloud service and can be downloaded as a PDF that is 100% editable in Adobe Illustrator or imported as a smart object into Photoshop. This app drops an A bomb of creative possibilities on any project (A- Bomb…Get it…Adobe…bomb…Nevermind)!  

Think about what you could do with this weapon of mass creativity added to your arsenal! Here are a few Ideas that come to my mind!

1. Import one of your photos into Adobe Ideas, create a new layer and sketch away! Turn off the original photo and save your awesomeness! Export the PDF from Creative Cloud and import the PDF into Photoshop as a smart object right on top of the original photo.

 2. Logo Design! Sketch your logo ideas, export, import into Illustrator! 

 3. Story boards for video shoots, photo ideas, or lighting setups! 

4.  SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!! Talk is cheap! Share your ideas visually!


Here are a few things I have made in Adobe Ideas so far! I can assure you this app is a valuable asset that needs to be integrated into your workflow regardless of your profession!

Dragon eye sketch test

Mentos Jetpack