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Bill Medley and Bucky Heard, Masters of Nostalgic Rock and Roll

The Righteous Brothers

American musical duo
Step into the world of timeless rock and roll with The Righteous Brothers, featuring the legendary Bill Medley and his talented new partner, Bucky Heard. A Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Bill Medley, and Bucky Heard invite you on a nostalgic journey through the unparalleled musical stylings of one of the greatest rock and roll duos of all time. With a legacy that has stood the test of time, The Righteous Brothers deliver unforgettable performances that capture the essence of classic rock and roll. Together, they create a musical experience that resonates with fans old and new, showcasing the enduring magic of their iconic sound. Join Bill Medley and Bucky Heard as they continue to mesmerize audiences with their mastery of the rock and roll genre.