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Vienna’s Ska Punk Pioneers with a Unique “Russian Turbo Polka Metal” Sound


Russian Turbo Polka Metal Band
Explore the vibrant world of Russkaja, the ska punk sensation hailing from Vienna, Austria. Known for their distinctive musical fusion, the band proudly labels their sound as “Russian Turbo Polka Metal.” Founded in 2005 by former Stahlhammer vocalist Georgij Makazaria, Russkaja takes inspiration from a diverse range of genres, including polka, ska, fanfare, pop, rock, and traditional Russian music. This eclectic blend has given rise to a truly unique and energetic musical experience. Russkaja’s spirited performances have captivated audiences, showcasing their ability to seamlessly blend different musical elements into a harmonious celebration of sound. Join the musical journey with Russkaja as they continue to push the boundaries and redefine the ska punk landscape.

Russkaja Unleashed: High-Octane Highlights from the Flogging Molly Salty Dog Cruise

Russkaja on the Flogging Molly Salty Dog Cruise. Russkaja is a Russian turbo polka metal band that really brings a ton of energy to their shows, and it really shines through in the footage we captured.

Behind the scenes with Russkaja

Russkaja Projects