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Elevating Empowerment: Spectacle Photo Empowers Melissa Wiggins’ Inspirational Journey from Lawyer to Life Coach Extraordinaire

Melissa Wiggins

Author • Life Coach • Total Bad Ass
Spectacle Photo proudly collaborated with Melissa Wiggins, known affectionately as Coach Mummabear, on a transformative project encompassing photography, branding, web design, and video services for her platform, A spirited Scottish lassie and former lawyer turned Master Certified Professional Coach, Melissa radiates resilience and empowerment. Her globally ranked podcast and impactful speaking engagements resonate with audiences worldwide. Melissa’s journey took a profound turn when her firstborn was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, igniting her dedication to pediatric cancer research through the foundation she co-created with her husband. Following her own burnout as CEO, Melissa now shares invaluable tools to prevent burnout and cultivate thriving careers and fulfilling lives. With Spectacle Photo’s creative touch, Melissa Wiggins’ empowering message shines brightly, inspiring countless individuals to embrace resilience and fulfillment.

A logo that matches Melissa’s energy

In partnership with Melissa Wiggins, Spectacle Photo embarked on a journey to craft a logo that symbolizes her remarkable transformation and empowering message. With meticulous attention to detail, Spectacle Photo captured the essence of Melissa’s journey from lawyer to Master Certified Professional Coach, infusing elements of resilience, strength, and hope into the design. The logo stands as a beacon of empowerment, reflecting Melissa’s unwavering commitment to guiding others towards fulfillment and balance in their lives. Through strategic use of color, typography, and symbolism, Spectacle Photo’s logo design serves as a visual embodiment of Melissa’s platform,, resonating deeply with her audience and reinforcing her mission to inspire positive change.