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From Prison to Compassionate Advocate for the Forgotten

Frank Rodriguez

Advocate • Philanthropist
After enduring 17 years in prison, overcoming addiction, and facing various life challenges, Frank Rodriguez made a transformative decision to give a voice to those society often forgets. Through his dedicated channel, Frank conducts interviews with individuals from diverse walks of life, with the aim of humanizing their stories. His mission is to open our eyes, encouraging us to judge a little less and love a little more. Frank is the founder of “Morals Over Money,” a collective of like-minded individuals who extend their compassion beyond words. From aiding in hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico to making weekly trips to the Kensington section of Philadelphia, they provide essential support such as food, free haircuts, hope, cosmetics, and, most importantly, love to those who may be struggling to love themselves. Frank Rodriguez is a beacon of empathy and a driving force for positive change in the lives of those society often overlooks.


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    Philadelphia, PA