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Polynesian Entertainment Based in Orlando, Fl

Chief Laiuni

Polynesian Entertainment
Experience the enchanting rhythms and vibrant traditions of Polynesia with Chief Laiuni, a dynamic entertainment ensemble based in the heart of Orlando, Florida. Led by the charismatic Chief Laiuni, the group takes audiences on a cultural voyage, showcasing the beauty and allure of Polynesian dance, music, and traditions. With authentic performances rooted in the rich heritage of the Pacific Islands, Chief Laiuni brings a touch of paradise to every event. From mesmerizing hula dances to powerful drumming and spellbinding fire performances, the ensemble crafts an immersive experience that transports audiences to the tropical wonders of Polynesia. Elevate your event with the captivating artistry of Chief Laiuni, where the spirit of the islands comes to life in the heart of Orlando.


  • Craft

    Polynesian Entertainment
  • Location

    Orlando, Florida
  • Photo shoot Location

    Maitland Art Center