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Capturing BMX Innovation: Spectacle Photo Frames Chad Degroot’s Iconic Riding Legacy

Chad Degroot

freestyle BMX rider, entrepreneur
Spectacle Photo had the honor of capturing the dynamic energy and groundbreaking innovation of Chad Degroot, the esteemed freestyle BMX rider hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Widely recognized for his influential contributions to flatland BMX, Degroot’s career is marked by a trailblazing spirit and inventive trick combinations. Since turning professional in 1993, Chad has left an indelible mark on the sport, co-creating the iconic Baco series of freestyle BMX videos and earning prestigious accolades like the NORA Cup’s Number One Rider’s Award for three consecutive years. Throughout his journey, Chad has been sponsored by industry giants like Standard, Schwinn, and Haro Bikes, while also establishing his own bike company, Deco. Spectacle Photo’s photography services beautifully encapsulate Chad Degroot’s passion for BMX and his enduring legacy as a pioneer in the sport, inspiring riders and enthusiasts alike with his innovative spirit and dedication to pushing the boundaries of freestyle BMX.