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A little in flight sketch

Just recently had to take a trip up north for business and decided that instead of just playing angry birds on my iPad I would give drawing on my iPad a try. I downloaded an app a while back called “Paper”, and always just used it to doodle at best. This time I was going to try my hand at some actual highlights, shadows, and some blending.

The good thing about this app is how basic it is. It only gives you a hand full of colors, and a few different brushes. One of the downsides to this app is there is no zoom. So this mean all the detail has to be obtained zoomed out. This is where my Bamboo stylus from Wacom comes in handy. The stylus has a rubber bulb tip that allows you to have some levels of sensitivity. Here are the few things I made while 36,000 feet above earth! Had to buy replacement tips for the stylus cause I wore out the tip. At the end I added a few screen grabs from the app to show you the options.

Not exactly sure why I was on a fish kick but it just seemed to be what was forming on the paper…I mean iPad!