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Capturing Sporting Spirit

Longwood Babe Ruth Fall 2023

Team Unity and Individual Glory on Display

Capturing Sporting Spirit: Longwood Babe Ruth Fall 2023
Spectacle Photo, under the lens of photographer Rich Johnson, embarked on a thrilling journey with Longwood Babe Ruth in the fall of 2023. Our mission: to encapsulate the spirit of every player and team in a visual spectacle. Setting up two dedicated photography stations, we orchestrated a seamless process where each athlete had their moment in the spotlight, resulting in over 26 dynamic team composites and individual portraits. Against a clean white canvas, we immortalized the intensity and unity that define Longwood Babe Ruth. The Fall 2023 project stands as a testament to the power of sports, photography, and the art of capturing moments that last a lifetime.

Longwood Babe Ruth Fall 2023 Gallery