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adorama vs wescott light modifiers

Photography Lighting: Wescott Beauty Dish and Halo vs Adorama Glow EZ Lock

Thinking about spending outrageous amounts of money on modifiers for your photography lights? Watch this video before you do, and maybe you’ll save yourself some cash. It’s important to have lighting modifiers that will last, especially when they can cost so much. Here we take a look at the brands Wescott and Adorama Glow, and decide which one has the highest quality build for the price. We don’t really cover the lighting performance in this video since the modifiers from both of these brands do what they’re supposed to do. Neither of these brands paid us, or gave us any of the products in this review. Our opinions are our own, for realz.

Caleb Morgan

Caleb Morgan is the Creative Director at Spectacle Photo, and he's also responsible for the company blog articles. Which is probably why they're full of spelling and grammatical errors. If only we could get him to care about that...