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Jamess Stryganek

Artist, Prop Fabricator, Scenic Designer

Jamess is an artist who is both creative and reliable. As you can imagine, finding someone who is both of those things was quite a task. For years we searched for an artist who could not only create works of art out of thin air, but also work with our clients in a business setting. Finally, we found Jamess. Whether its been sculpting giant tree monsters, illustrating graphic designs, fabricating masks, etc., there’s been no artistic task assigned to him that he didn’t find a way to complete. This is due not only to his ability to think outside the box, but also to the unwavering dedication and disciplined work ethic he shows on a daily basis. The qualities that he holds are not common within his field, which is why our clients are constantly impressed with his contributions to their projects. His work as a professional scenic artist speaks for itself; his portfolio boasts art design for Harry Potter World, Universal’s Skull Island, and many other top tier attraction work. He is also an amazing painter, sculptor, and prop creator. We receive a lot of projects that rely heavily on items being custom built from the ground up, and we’re allowed to do that because of him. If you can think it, Jamess can make it. He also creates all of the backdrops we use here at Spectacle Photo, and he is responsible for making all of the props that you see prominently displayed in a lot of our photos. Jamess is the reason Spectacle’s portfolio is so rich with detail, and we wouldn’t be able to offer the services we do without him.

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