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Caleb Morgan

Creative Director-Filmmaker

A Creative Director and Filmmaker with drive, passion, and a deep running love for imagery.

Caleb has years of experience as a Creative Director and a Filmmaker. He is essential to bridging the gap between the client and their production goals. His obsession with ensuring our clients receive only the highest quality images and marketing assets is boundless, and it really shows in all the work that we produce. Caleb has been obsessed with film making and photography since he was a child, and he has dedicated his entire life to his craft. Since he knew his calling at such a young age, his study of imagery has been a lifelong pursuit, and has led to him receiving an Associate of Science Degree in Film, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Entertainment Business, and a Master of Science Degree in Entertainment Business. This rigorous study and disciplined dedication speaks for itself, and has built him an incredibly strong career foundation that has led to him being a top expert within our industry. Unlike a lot of Creative Directors, Caleb is very detail oriented. He ensures that even the smallest of flaws within our projects are corrected. This is why a big part of his job is quality assurance; he goes over all of Spectacle Photo’s projects with a fine-tooth-comb from start to finish, and it’s a major factor in allowing us to compete on a whole other level within our industry. Determining the needs of the client, organizing and implementing creative teams, managing project visions, and overcoming creative obstacles are just a handful of Caleb’s responsibilities. Drive, passion, and a deep running love for film and photography have taken his skills above and beyond the norm, and the end result is always an overjoyed client.