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Ace Noguera, Lifestyle Photographer

The photography industry is a tough arena. It’s all about survival, so I think it’s important to give shoutouts to those photographers who work hard at being good at what they do, and constantly strive to be the best. Good photographers in our industry are overworked and underpaid, and it’s a shame that they’re not more appreciated. It’s a big challenge to find photographers that can do high-end commercial work for our studio. They have to be self starters, disciplined, ego-free, personable, and have the ability to constantly produce commercial quality work. Since Rich and I focus mainly on cinematic photography, we needed someone to do lifestyle work for us because we’d been getting more and more of those inquiries. It just so happened that we had met Ace Noguera, a lifestyle photographer, at Photoshop World a few years ago, and his work was so good we actually remembered who he was. We looked him up again, and sure enough, his lifestyle photo game was still going strong. Ace joined up with us about six months ago, and he’s been nothing short of amazing. Every time we hire him for a job he handles it with great care, and pays amazing attention to the details. He makes sure that he captured exactly what the client wanted, and only provides them with stellar images. His retouch work is also outstanding because he’s a photographer who knows that less is more. A lot of good photographers ruin their work with bad retouching, so him knowing when to stop editing a photo is a skill all in itself.

A shot Rich took of Ace in the studio! A shot Rich took of Ace in the studio!

Ace is also a photographer who’s obsessed with advancing his skills within the field of photography. A lot of photographers fall short of this, either from falling into a routine, or out of fear of the ominous “artificial lighting”. Shooting with just ambient light can be somewhat limiting on certain projects, and Ace has been determined to overcome that challenge. He started working tirelessly on mastering new lighting and camera techniques all on his own, and in the last six months alone he’s produced professional grade photos that are getting him hired by big name companies like Visit Orlando. The images he’s created in-studio this year are nothing short of amazing, and still he continues to be better and focuses on advancing. With his exceptional Lifestyle images, his new studio work, and dedicated work ethic, Ace has really become one of the most skilled commercial photographers in Orlando.

If you’re looking to hire a photographer for your fashion line, business, or live event, Ace is your guy. Check out his work below, and let us know what you think!

To see more of Aces work, and to book him, just click here.