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Location is everything!

A few years back when I purchased my house, our agent kept saying “Location is everything!” or “Location, Location, Location”. At the time I just shrugged it off as quirky catchphrases that they required all real estate agents to know. But as I dove deeper into photography and started shooting more sessions outside the comforts of the studio I couldn’t help but think of those sayings.

Story is king!

If you spend time coming up with an idea, why would you stop short with the location? It would seem that coming up with a shoot location would be easy with google maps or driving around wasting gas to find the perfect setting for your vision, but it’s not that cut and dry. Truth be told, you are not a location scout and who has time to drive around aimlessly? 


I can’t tell you where I first discovered this amazing resource, but I am sure glad I did! The locations on Road trippers are not your normal tourist attractions and they promote a wandurlust mentality to explore this amazing country (AKA AMAZING LOCATIONS). You can map out an entire trip to get the most out of your travels. The site makes the destination secondary and makes the true adventure the journey.

So how does this help you become a better photographer?

Well…Duh! Location Location, Location! Why spend the time and gas looking for cool locations when there is this amazing site is jam packed with curated GOLD! Search your location for anything (ie. natural spring, beaches, abandon metal hospitals), and you will find amazing off the wall locations for your next photo shoot! They also have a section called “Featured Guides” where locations are collected by themes. Lets say your a huge Ferris Bueller’s Day off fan (If not…please click here), and you want to visit every location in the movie…well RoadTrippers has the itinerary right here! Or you can click here and see other Geek Town guides! featuring locations from the Goonies!!!

Okay enough with the reading! Go out there and experience the USA you have been missing! Bring your camera, bring a model, and bring Road Trippers!

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